Saying goodbye to our old life via a photograph 

Today started off much like any other day. Since it was an out of office day for me, I took the boy with me to run errands.  After we got home, I made us lunch and started cleaning up the kitchen.  I ran across a bunch of pictures I had printed off Snapfish and walked over to the frames sitting on the counter to see which ones I wanted to swap out. 

My heart skipped a beat as I locked eyes with what has always been one of my favorite pictures of him.  It was taken sixteen months ago right before his third birthday.  We were baking a chocolate cake together, and I snapped this adorable shot of him licking the beater.  His beautiful blue eyes were shining back at me while a look of pure bliss overcame his sweet face.  

No glasses.  Regular AP flour in the cake.  

No celiac.  

Knowing what I know now, he already needed glasses, but we didn’t know it yet.  I also STRONGLY believe he had celiac at this point, but we again had no reason to suspect it.  

My innocent, perfect little boy … No idea or clue how much his life would be changed within the next twelve months. 

It’s time for this picture to go.  In its place sits a new photo of the two of us.  I have pictures of our family all over the house, but this is the only one we have of just us.  He’s holding my hand, and while I know he’ll get too big for this one day, I will savor each and every moment now that he still wants to be with his mama.  

I hate celiac for what it’s taken from him and from us, but I will be forever grateful for how much more I appreciate these small things like a blue eyed bespectacled little boy who wants to hold my hand.  


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