New Year resolutions 

So after my emotional last post, it’s time to take it down a notch.  Last year I made two resolutions:

  • Floss almost every day
  • Exercise more

I am thrilled to say I actually kept both of those.  I purchased a Fitbit halfway through the year that really helped me achieve the second goal.  I lost three pounds from exercising and another five after going GF, so I’m down 8 pounds.  I’m back in my skinny jeans too.  Not too shabby!

This year I have new goals:

  • Bake more
  • Blog more
  • Pray more

Tonight I threw together a batch of King Arthur Flour GF brownies.  I don’t have pics yet because they’re still cooling, but they smell delicious.  I’m past the point of trying cheap GF mixes anymore.  I am definitely a KAF girl!  I’ll branch out and try new things, but if I am needing a serious “I miss my old life” fix, KAF does the trick of putting me back in my happy place.  

I also made breakfast for dinner at little one’s request.  Gluten free waffles from Whole Note were a hit!  The fact that they were in the shape of Mickey Mouse may have made them taste just a little better.   You can find them on Amazon if you need a decent waffle mix.  I always add a pinch of salt and a splash of vanilla to ANY sweet mix, and doing so here did not disappoint. 

I really do want to try to bake once a week again.  I love the science behind it, and it was one of my favorite hobbies pre-diagnosis.  I think I can get back there again.  

As for blogging more, we’ll see how that goes.  This is my second post in the last week, so it’s a start.
And praying … This is probably the hardest.  I’ve never been a big “kneel in my closet and have prayer time” person. I’ve always just talked to God throughout my day like a conversation.  Last week I realized how much the conversations have slowed.  I resolved to open up the lines of communication again.  Tonight I prayed that God would allow me to feel whatever it is that is going on.  When I am sad over celiac, worried about his future, or even angry, I tend to hit pause on the feeling and ignore until it goes away.  I want to feel whatever it is that’s going on with my heart, process, and move on.  It’s time to grow.  Praying more is a part of that.  

So here’s to a better 2016 … May it be calmer than 2015, and may I start to figure out a little bit more what life looks like sans gluten. 


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